weather & cancellation policy

Abaco weather, war bird

Our policy

Bad weather happens. We will switch your excursion date to a earlier or later date if it is possible. We also can offer an alternate activity to you like paddle boarding and going to the blue hole for swimming and diving.

Cancellation policy is at least 48 hours notice of scheduled departure with 100% reimbursement (minus the deposit). Less than 48 hours notice 50% reimbursement, unless it is an emergency. Please call 1-242-424-8185



Winds are extreme and gusting, huge swells & chop, wave height 1.5 - 2m, boat advisory cautioned.

Some Chop

Winds are blowing relatively constant, 1 - 1.3m wave height, boating conditions.

Calm Seas

Winds show no effect, small to light chop, wave height 0.7 - 1.2m, boating conditions.

Perfect Seas

Winds are non-existent, glass like sea surface, LET'S GO!